XXI Edition of The Noche en Blanco in Malaga

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13 May

XXI Edition of The Noche en Blanco in Malaga

One of the most characteristic initiatives of Málaga is getting close. Once again, the city is preparing for the twelfth edition of the Night in White (Noche en Blanco). During this special day, all the people of Malaga and visitors get to enjoy the city’s culture in the streets. To add to the attractiveness, the event is for all audiences, you can enjoy everything from museums, monuments or concerts, to enjoy the wide variety of activities for free. It’s a magical night and we know that everyone that participates will enjoy the experience of living Malaga’s culture in the best way. Keep reading and we’ll tell you all about it.

What is the ”Noche en Blanco in Malaga”?

Originally the Noche en Blanco, started as a cultural event that had its beginnings in Paris in 2002, which was a great success. With this first test, many other European cities began to implement it into their own culture. But it didn’t stop there, today that are many cities that celebrate the Noche en Blanco yearly. The most characteristic thing is that it takes place after sunset, and it’s a completely free act, something that seems surprising for the great amount of cultural activities that are offered.

Past editions of the Noche en Blanco in Malaga

The first time it took place in Malaga was in 2008 and, due to the incredible success, has been repeated and improved year after year since. In its first edition it surpassed 200 cultural activities that we held in museums, exhibition halls, scenic area of the city and art galleries. During last year’s edition, the Noche en Blanco received just over 230,000 visits, a surprising evolution compared to the 30,000 visits of the first edition. It was sponsored by the Unicaja and Ingenia Foundation, as well as all public and private institutions, collectives and commercial establishments, which were involved and contributed their part. Which made the difference towards the success of the eleventh edition.

In fact, according to the words of the Councilor of Culture, Gemma del Corral on the Noche en Blanco of 2018: “It marked a milestone to highlight the role of women in the world of culture. The chosen theme, ‘Muses and Creators’ served to start a journey towards future editions in which this feminine role will be especially present’.


The Noche en Blanco in Malaga 2019

This year the Noche en Blanco has a new theme, ”Around the World in one night”, this theme was chosen through an open vote in which 1,511 people participated through Facebook and in ballot boxes installed in municipal districts. It will take place on Saturday the 18th of May from 7:00pm to 01:00 am, this year the hours have been moved slightly so that the activities finish before 01:00am as it was noted that participation dropped considerably after that time. So, this year we’re trying a new time. All the proposals made for the night are organized by the Culture Department.

We could tell about everything that’s going to happen during the Noche en Blanco the 18th of May but we think it may be better for you to simply have a look at the full program straight from the source


If you do not have plans yet for the third weekend of May, come and enjoy Malaga’s best free cultural and leisure event of the year in the open air.


Staying in Malaga for the Noche en Blanco 2019

If you are not from Malaga but still want to experience this magical night, it’s best to look for an accommodation in the center of Malaga. As the activities end at 1:00 in the morning, it’s best to have your room or apartment nearby so you can rest without having to move from the center at this time of the night . Our recommendation? If you are going to visit Malaga as a couple, it is best to choose a romantic apartment where you can feel comfortable and at ease.

Apartamento romántico en Málaga centro

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