Valentine's Day plans for couples to enjoy in Malaga

Planes San Valentin Malaga
23 Jan

Valentine’s Day plans for couples to enjoy in Malaga

One of the most romantic days of the year arrives, desired by some and hated by others. Many will say that February the 14th, also known as Valentine’s Day is pure marketing, seen as something devised by businesses to promote consumerism. But do you really know the origins of this festivity? The story will surprise you and we’ll also learn about the best romantic Valentine’s Day plans you can enjoy in Malaga with your partner. A city full of plans for the most romantic date.

What is Valentine’s Day and why is it celebrated?

Contrary to what many people think, this celebration goes back to the pagans, celebrated by the Romans as the day of Lupercalia. During Valentine’s Day there was a celebration in honor of the god Lupercus in which there were dances, food and games. One of the games was to write the name of the favorite couple, this resulted in a courtship that lasted over time. When the church was established in Rome, citizens resisted ending such a beautiful celebration, so they decided to change the name of Saint Valentine. However, they banned the union of couples that took place, so the young people began to send romantic notes secretly. This act became the most popular creating a romantic atmosphere among lovers.

San Valentin en Pareja

Best Valentine’s Day plans in Malaga

Now, it’s time we told you about the best Valentine’s plans that you can do in the province of Malaga on the 14th of February. Malaga has always been a city with great charm, full of corners and places to visit with your partner, ideal for you to spend a most special day, Write down the following ideas!

Sunset from Los Baños del Carmen

We’ll start with the most romantic plan and the cheapest one at the same time. We’re talking about watching the sunset in the Baños del Carmen. An idyllic place where the waves of the sea, the ambient music and the beautiful views will make you want to take a walk with the person you love between the neighborhoods of Pedregalejo and La Malagueta. You also have the possibility of stopping to eat or have a drink in one of the bars overlooking the bay. A great plan to celebrate Valentine’s Day in Malaga.

Afternoon by boat through the Bay of Malaga

In the Bay of Malaga you can take a boat trip with your partner and enjoy the views of the coast, the sea breeze, the sunset and even dolphins if the moment is right. A journey of about two hours along the Alboran Sea that you can’t miss. Ideally, to close the day is to take advantage of the commercial area of ​​the port full of shops and restaurants for dinner once the night has arrived at Pier One.

The views of the Gibralfaro viewpoint

This is one of the best known plans to do on Valentine’s in Malaga, enjoy the panoramic views from the Gibralfaro Viewpoint. Already the walk up to the viewpoint is dreamlike, through the Dark Gate Gardens. You can enjoy the views of the entire city in an ideal enclave between the Alcazaba and the Castle that guards the historic center.

Route through the historic center, good food and sweet wine

Now we start with the most complete plan, something as simple as looking for an accommodation in the center of Malaga, through the historic center and spend a weekend enjoying the place. You will discover wonderful corners and you can make a route through the most emblematic areas. In addition there is no area without a bar, pub or restaurant in which to stop to enjoy with your partner. If you still want more, the nightlife in Malaga is amazing. Are you up for it?

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Bike ride and stop in Pedregalejo

For the early birds we have the perfect plan for Valentine’s Day in Malaga. There is nothing like taking advantage of the morning sun and taking a walk with that person you love so much. We recommend that you go to the Paseo Marítimo de la Malagueta until you reach the Pedregalejo neighborhood. Ideal area to lie on the sand with your partner or have breakfast in one of their beach bars.

As you can see you are in a city that has everything in terms of plans for Valentine’s Day in Malaga. Choose what you choose, remember that the most important thing is to enjoy the company. Let love flow!

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