The most important monuments in Malaga

28 Aug

The most important monuments in Malaga

Did you know that Malaga is one of the oldest cities in Europe? It was founded during the 8th century B.C. By the time the 19th century arrived it was already the first Spanish industrial city and in the middle of all this time there have been many events and history that have left a mark on the architecture of the city. That is why there are currently traces of Malaga’s past that register its streets in the form of natural and historical monuments. Today we are going to take a tour of the most important monuments of Malaga. Let’s start the tour!

Top 4 Historic Monuments in Malaga

Malaga Cathedral

Let’s start with a bang, we’re probably about to present you the most famous monument or construction in Malaga, The Holy Cathedral Church Basilica of the Incarnation or also known as the Cathedral of Malaga. It has its origin in 1487 and its exterior architecture presents a large baroque cover with two towers, of which, one of them is still unfinished. This is the reason why it is commonly known as “La Manquita”. You can take a tour of its interior and see the magnificent works that are in it. Also for the last few years, it’s possible to climb to the vaults of the cathedral, from which you will surely get unparalleled views of Malaga.

Where is the Cathedral of Malaga? You can find it in front of the Plaza del Obispo, from there you can observe it in all its splendor, a true Renaissance jewel.

Viajar a Málaga en Verano

Alcazaba of Malaga

Built in the eleventh century, it was the first Muslim castle in Malaga. Although its exterior is perhaps a striking military structure, the beauty of its interior will surprise you. It has two walled enclosures, a striking tower of homage and the large gardens located in the old main square. Today it is one of the most important monuments of Malaga for its history and the importance it had for the city in the Muslim era and in successive generations.

Where is it located? To enjoy the Alcazaba head to the slopes of Mount Gibralfaro, where you will find the castle.

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Gibralfaro Castle

A truly famous monument in Malaga, the Gibralfaro Castle and its well-known Gibralfaro viewpoint. This is another one of the most important monuments in Malaga, since it is a Phoenician enclosure whose control function was by means of a lighthouse. At its disposal it has two walled lines and eight towers. At its top, you’ll find the Gibralfaro Viewpoint, composed of two viewpoints at different heights from which you can enjoy the best views of the Bay of Malaga.

How do you get up to the Gibralfaro Castle? If you are a true adventurer, you can walk up from Plaza de la Marina or from the access on the Paseo de Reding. If on the contrary you prefer to get on the bus, you just have to take the bus line 35.

Roman theatre

We are facing a historical marvel built during the 1st century BC. It is divided into three main areas that collect the entire Roman world. At the moment it has an interpretation center bordering the theater, in which by means of the technologies you can know the life and customs of the time. Curiously it was not rediscovered until 1951, during those previous years, it was covered by what is today the House of Culture.

Where to enjoy this monument in Malaga? It’s very easy to find, it is located in the historic center of the city, at the foot of the Alcazaba hill on Alcazabilla Street.

monumentos malaga

Top 3 Natural Monuments in Malaga

Although there are more than a dozen monuments and places declared by the Board as peculiar and of great beauty, we will talk about the three most unique. In this case you will have to move to the outskirts of Malaga to discover them, but we assure you that if you are a nature lover, you will love them.

Caves of the Sierra del Camorro

Located between the town of Cuevas de San Marcos and the swamp of Iznájar, it is declared a natural monument of Andalusia for its great geological value.

Birth of the Genal River

You can see it at the entrance of the town of Igualeja, although it is a river that feeds on various streams giving it a unique beauty and uniqueness.

The Tajos of the Alcazar

Located in Alcaucín, they are not only recognized for their beauty, but also for the great ecosystem of raptors and wild goats, among other animals.

los tajos del alcazar

We know that the important monuments of Malaga that we have talked about are all located in the center of the city and close to each other, so it can be a good plan to visit Malaga in one day. If you also want to know the natural monuments further away, we recommend that you spend a weekend in one of the tourist apartments in downtown Malaga and make a route that covers everything. You will soak up the best of the Costa del Sol.

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