The Goya 2020 awards will be held in Malaga

Premios Goya Banderas Malaga
16 Dec

The Goya 2020 awards will be held in Malaga

Well, it is no news at this point but we can say very loud how proud we are that the 34th edition of the Goya Awards will be held in Malaga on January 25, 2020. The mayor of the city of Costa del Sol, Francisco de la Torre says that he will do everything necessary to keep up with the presentation of the most important event of the seventh art. An ideal event that the city deserves for its commitment acquired after so many years by Spanish cinema. The city is ready to host the Goya and you, what do you know about the Goya 2020 Awards?

Where are the Goya 2020 Awards celebrated?

Well, as you know, the delivery of the Goya Awards will be held in Malaga being the third time they are held outside Madrid, after the 2000 edition in Barcelona and last year in Seville. All preparations have begun so that on January 25 everything is ready for the deployment of the famous red carpet that will lead to the stars of Spanish cinema crossing the Martín Carpena Sports Palace. This place has already been visited more than five times by television producers, the Academy, among others, to see the technical details that ensure that everything is ready for the date.

Goyas en Málaga

Surprises for the Goya 2020

It has been confirmed from the Academy by its president, Mariano Barroso, that we will have several events prior to the gala, in order to bring cinema to Malaga and find that the population comes to the city for the date.

Among other activities we will find projections of the nominated films and photographic exhibitions of the actors. Still there will be news and surprise elements that keep us all waiting in the city of Malaga.

Budget for the Goya 2020 Awards

The Consistory have set their budget at 1.4 million euros for the celebration of the Goyas. The last action reserves 1,391,500 euros from the 2018 budget, extended for 2019, as financial support. A step that the City Council wanted to take before the Academy decided on the city of Malaga, so that payment would not come suddenly. The City Council of the capital has reported that the fee would cost 605,000 euros, allocating about 786,500 euros to the rest of expenses such as cocktail, technical material and everything that involves the adequacy of the space.

Nominees of the Goya 2020 Awards

The actors Elena Anaya and Miguel Herrán have been the spokespersons to announce the list of nominees for the Goya, leaving us a list of nominees for the Goya 2020 such as: Headed by the film directed by Alejandro Amenábar, While the war lasts. It is clearly the favorite of the edition with a total of 17 nominations. Followed by Dolor y Gloria, by Pedro Almodóvar with 16 nominations and in third position by The Infinite Trench of Aitor Aguirre, Jon Garaño and Jose Mari Gónega with a total of 15 nominations.

Goyas 2020 Malaga

Where to stay during the 2020 Goyas in Malaga?

The vast majority of hotels in the city will hang the soldout sign for these dates. Therefore, if you plan to go to the Goya gala, we recommend that you look for accommodations with time before prices rise. If you are looking for an apartment in Malaga for the Goya, at Valentina Home you can find family and couples apartments ideal for these dates.

Malaga is ready with the latest details so that we have the best Goya awards possible. Martín Carpena will transform into a great theater for the importante event. A real pleasure to bring Goya to the city of museums. Both the City Council and the Academy are going to work hard so that the Goya Awards in Malaga on January 25 will be a quality day.


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