The 3 best autumn landscapes in Malaga

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2 Oct

The 3 best autumn landscapes in Malaga

We enter a unique station, lower temperatures, last vacation getaways and the highlights, the hundreds of landscapes and unparalleled autumn landscapes that nature offers during these dates.

So to get the most out of autumn, today we bring you the best landscapes that you will witness throughout the year. Do you know where they are? Of course, in the city of Malaga.

Then we will briefly tell you about the regions of Malaga where you can enjoy the best autumnal postcards. Attentive because if you manage to organize well you can make a route of places that you won’t be able to get out of your mind.

Autumnal landscape in Alto Genal

The villages of Pujerra, Igualeja and Parauta in the area of ​​the Serranía de Ronda, are home to one of the most important chestnuts in Andalusia.

This area invites you to enjoy a large leafy forest of green tones mixed with the copper of the chestnut deciduous leaves.

The ideal date we recommend is the month of November and the first week of December.

More and more photography enthusiasts are going to take the best snapshot among mountain villages full of hiking trails.

So that you do not miss any details, you really do have to visit the Birth of Genal in the town of Igualeja and Chorreras del Balastar in the municipality of Faraján.

Ah! and a very important detail, where to recharge your batteries. Well, there’s no problem since the gastronomic repertoire of restaurants and bars in the area is enviable. We advise you to try traditional Spanish meals and chestnuts.

Yunquera forests

In the Sierra de las Nieves, this small and beautiful mountain town awaits, bordering on one of the most important pinsapares and chestnut trees in Malaga.

The panoramas created in autumn accompanied by the color of chestnut trees is one of the most famous autumn landscapes in Malaga.

Throughout the entire autumn season we strongly recommend the second half of November. So you can also take advantage of the viewpoints of Puerto de Saucillo and Luis Ceballos.

Our star suggestion in the area is Bodega El Porfín, a unique underground place impregnated with the aromas of its wines and its famous Iberian and cheese tapas.

The Montes de Málaga

The best is yet to come, so we have left the main course for last. If we talk about landscapes in autumn you have to visit Los Montes de Málaga, a mandatory stop. Very few capitals have the privilege of having a natural park in their own territory.

Los Montes is one of the smallest and youngest parks in Andalusia, but that’s the least important since it is the green lung of the capital.

It also has a wide variety of possibilities for enjoyment, since the mountains themselves leave trails and paths full of nature.

Of the most interesting corners we highlight the Las Contadoras nature classroom, the Lagar ethnographic museum and the Cochino viewpoints and Vázquez Sell.

Other landscapes in autumn to visit

If you visit the previous places you can already consider yourself a good connoisseur of the most Malaga autumnal landscapes, but of course these are not the only ones, so so that you do not miss even one we will name you other spaces of this station.

  • Hole of the Boat: located in the municipality of Instán is one of the best chestnuts in the province.

  • Jubrique and Genalguacil: these villages in Bajo Genal create many incredible autumn landscapes with their own chestnut trees.
  • Riberas del Genal and del Guadiaro: we refer to the two most important rivers of the Serranía de Ronda, creating a claiming environment to enjoy autumn.
  • Slopes of Sierra Tejada: a mountainous formation that culminates in the famous summit of La Maroma, protected by a large natural park.

We all know that one of the great attractions of the province of Malaga is its regular weather, but there are stations that leave their trail in some regions, especially in the interior. This is what happens when autumn comes to all the places we have told you, take advantage that it is already here!

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