Holy Week in Malaga 2019

Semana Santa Málaga
12 Apr

Holy Week in Malaga 2019

Just a few days before the start of the Holy Week in Malaga, the city is making all the preparations for this important event. They’re starting to assemble the stands and chairs that run throughout the official route, the bars begin to fill their cellars and in Valentina Home we practically hang the sold out sign. Year after year, thousands of visitors choose Malaga to spend the Holy Week and, without a doubt, it’s because of the intense way of living it combined with tradition, culture, gastronomy and an unbeatable geographical location that usually offers good weather during the week. If you’re one of those who visit Malaga during Holy Week, we’re going to tell you the most important things you need to know to make your holidays a 10.

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What to do during the Holy Week in Malaga 2019

New official route for the Holy Week 2019 in Malaga

There are not many people in Malaga who are still unaware that this year the Holy Week in Malaga is bringing big changes to the official route. From this year on, the brotherhoods will make their way through Calle Larios in the opposite direction, as of now it will be the official route from the Plaza de la Constitución. With this change, many brotherhoods have changed their schedules and the position they go through on the official route.

One of the great novelties that the new route brings is the act of penance in the Cathedral that will now be carried out from the side of the Cathedral with a new ramp that has been installed in recent weeks. This new itinerary for 2019 has allowed that the number of brotherhoods that will pass through the interior of the Cathedral can go from 19 to 15 which is a great improvement.

Best Moments of the Holy Week in Malaga

Landing of the Legion

On Holy Thursday, one of the most touristic points and where the attention of Malaga and tourists is focused is on Pier 2 of the Port of Malaga, where the landing of the Legion takes place every year. In this parade the legionaries undertake their way to the Church of Santo Domingo to perform the act of enthronement of the Christ of the Good Death. Every year, different public personalities come to this event, not only from the city, but also from all over the country to experience one of the most emotional and well-known moments of the Holy Week in Malaga.

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Like every year, if you don’t want to miss any detail of the Holy Week in Malaga and have the luck of staying right in the heart of the city, book one of our apartments in Malaga and just worry about enjoying.

Brotherhoods that you have to see in Málaga

Assuming you have little time to see the processions in Malaga, we are going to give you some brief tips so you do not miss the best moments that our Holy Week offers.

Domingo de Ramos: Departure from the Pollinica, which opens the Holy Week at 10:15 and see the course of the fraternity of Tear and Favors through the streets of Malaga, seeing how the men that transport the throne make the journey is a peculiar way that will surely surprise you.
Holy Monday: You can’t miss the act of the Students in the Plaza del Obispo and, of course, see the Captive, “the lord of Malaga” that so many devotees and faithful bring to their feet.
Holy Tuesday: El Rocío is one of the most revered images in Malaga, a date that you shouldn’t miss, it departs at 15:15 and is a spectacle.
Holy Wednesday: The Brotherhood of El Rico each year frees a prisoner in an act held in the Plaza del Obispo that has become a unique moment of Holy Week. You can you lose yourself during the Archconfraternity of the Expiration, when you see it arrive, you will know what we’re talking about.
Holy Thursday: Two processions are set during Holy Thursday, the first being Mena (accompanied by the legionaries) and the second Esperanza (the largest and voluptuous throne of Holy Week in Malaga), we recommend that you wait for the throne and take a branch of rosemary from which they are thrown.
Good Friday: The last big day of Holy Week and we recommend not missing anything, we advise seeing the Sepulcher and Servitas, both will leave you breathless.

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Rest and Relax

Not everything could be about the thrones, in Malaga there is room for many other plans and without a doubt in Valentina Home we are very fond of going to the beach in the morning and having a nice walk. In addition, if the weather is good, it is not a bad option to take the first dip of the year, since we have the great luck of having a Mediterranean climate that usually offers a good time during these dates. After the walk along the beach of La Malagueta, what do you think if we go to one of the chiringuitos and try an authentic Malaga spit, a delight that you have to try if you are in Malaga. In the afternoon, relax in Pedregalejo from where you can see the sunset, sitting in one of its many bars on the seafront, having dinner or having a drink with no other concern than living in the moment.

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