How to get great performance from your property

19 Nov

How to get great performance from your property

The benefits of holiday rental in Malaga

In recent years, rent and accommodation reservations have changed considerably, becoming much more than a regime of access to housing. We are already part of one of the most attractive businesses of the moment. The sector simply produces a much higher profitability than most financial products can offer you. That is why more and more profiles of landlords, whether for private holiday rental in Malaga or as owners (those who move to the city or are going to live for a time to another country) or companies specializing in studios or tourist apartments .

Well, as a future lessee of an accommodation in Malaga to enjoy a good weekend or for a long season in the area we will tell you everything you need to know before choosing a rental in Malaga, the types of contracts and the Differences between renting to a company specialized in managing the rental of holiday apartments and an individual.

Types of vacation contracts

Tourist housing

It is the category that can produce more profitability. The landlord must become a legal person or register as a freelancer. Neither the landlord nor the tenant benefits from tax incentives and the owners are subject to taxation and control over the income obtained from being a business activity. It is definitely a lease of much benefit and at the same time a lot of risk.

Temporary housing

It is a minority rental form. It’s great advantage is the flexibility since the owner can recover the house when it’s agreed. The benefits are usually high although intermittent and like tourist homes, the temporary ones do not enjoy tax benefits either.

Habitual housing

It is the most profitable option in the long term, although legal insecurity and defaults by a careless or delinquent tenant play against the usual rent. If it is true that you enjoy favorable taxation.

Differences between professional and private holiday rental in Malaga

First we want to highlight the boom in professional rent in recent years, the growth has been spectacular in a very short time and highlights the huge path this market has. In Spain, there are more than 2.3 million Spaniards who declare the collection of rental income.

The private rental seeks greater profitability, if it is true that the rental management companies have detected a great ignorance of the law in particular and can cause an erroneous and incomplete drafting of the contract due to mere ignorance. The conditions of the contracts are different, the real rental decree sets different conditions in the contracts as it is done between individuals or with companies, now differences are established in the duration of the contract.

  • The professional holiday rental assures travelers personal welcome, key delivery and even a small guide on activities and places to visit in Malaga. They will be present during your stay for any type of assistance whether it is related to the rental of the apartment, or for any recommendations about the city and its places. In addition to tracking satisfaction during it.

  • On the other hand, the private vacation rental has certain drawbacks that can sometimes take its toll. Beware of scams, a topic that is the order of the day. The guarantee of previous tourists is convenient and that already has a demonstrable Internet reputation. It is also typical to arrive at our reservation and be disappointed that it is not exactly what we had hired according to photographs or talked with the owner. With care we can avoid these inconveniences and enjoy all the good that a vacation rental offers us, so it is important that we are always very informed and also know at all times what we have booked.

Therefore on the one hand it is clear that the triple rental business is complex, but it also shows us how the rental embodies a wide range of returns and advantages for both the lessor and the lessee. If you still look for quality, commitment and tranquility in your stay, look for that holiday rental company that manages everything for you so that only your only concern is to enjoy your stay in Malaga. If you want to start managing your apartment in Malaga, contact us and we will offer you a personalized service.

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