15 Jan

The legend of Antequera, Peña de los Enamorados

Today we leave Malaga city, to go among the landscapes of the valley, specifically in an enclave located very close to Antequera and Archidona, we talk about the Peña de los Enamorados of Antequera. If you are visiting Malaga and want to visit fairytale places in the province, today we’ll tell you the story of...
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2 Jan

Travelling trends in 2020

TRAVEL, one of the most accomplished plans for all each year and one that makes the year better. Luckily the world is so diverse that it has for all tastes and personalities, but despite this every year there are very different trends in the way we travel. What does 2020 hold for us? Mainly, we...
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2 Dec

Nativity Scene in Malaga for Christmas

In Malaga one of the great traditions at Christmas is to enjoy a pleasant walk through the center or through the park’s walk stands. Every year thousands of people travel these streets enjoying the authentic Christmas spirit. But there is another component that receives a large part of these visits every year and it is...
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19 Nov

How to get great performance from your property

The benefits of holiday rental in Malaga In recent years, rent and accommodation reservations have changed considerably, becoming much more than a regime of access to housing. We are already part of one of the most attractive businesses of the moment. The sector simply produces a much higher profitability than most financial products can offer...
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24 Oct

What to do in Malaga for Free?

Malaga is a city that among such variety, sometimes you may not know the best way to experience it. So to save time and above all do your pocket a favor, we’re going to tell you the best plans you can do in Malaga for free. We don’t want to reveal too much so we’re...
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2 Oct

The 3 best autumn landscapes in Malaga

We enter a unique station, lower temperatures, last vacation getaways and the highlights, the hundreds of landscapes and unparalleled autumn landscapes that nature offers during these dates. So to get the most out of autumn, today we bring you the best landscapes that you will witness throughout the year. Do you know where they are?...
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11 Sep

Best areas to stay in Malaga

We all know that the Costa del Sol is a tourist destination par excellence, especially in the summer season. Although it is also true that more and more domestic and foreign tourism, take advantage of any getaway or bridge throughout the year for sightseeing. One of the cities that has been experiencing an increase in...
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