Tips for traveling to Málaga and not getting lost in the attempt

7 Jun

Tips for traveling to Málaga and not getting lost in the attempt

They say that it’s better to prevent than to cure? So before traveling to Malaga, it’s best to take into account some recommendations and thus avoid the typical last-minute incidentals. If you have low control aspects such as transportation, weather our currency or even the odd trick to save, nothing can go wrong. Be careful because we are going to tell you in a simple way thebest tips for traveling to malaga.

The weather on the Costa del Sol

Even if you come from far away it’s likely that you have decided to come to the province of Malaga because of its climate. We are lucky to enjoy one of the best climates in Europe, where the average temperature is between 20-25 degrees and the best thing is that there are about 300 sunny days per year. Even winters are mild and not very rainy. So you know, our moderate temperatures throughout the year, will help you to choose the date of your trip when it suits you, but we recommend that you look at the time a few days before not to take surprises.


Traveling to Malaga

Our language and currency

The official language in Malaga, as a Spanish province, is Spanish. Still in Malaga there is a dialect, the Andalusian. It is very particular, since we tend to shorten words, speak faster than normal and use traits such as “lisps” and “seseo”. But this is not an impediment, on the contrary, thousands of tourists come year after year to listen to this special dialect and in terms of communicating do not worry, since the second most spoken language is English and, as the city has a large history with English tourists,  you’ll find many places to talk and share other languages.

On the other hand, it is important that you know (although surely if you are in Europe it will be obvious to you) that the official currency used is the Euro (€), therefore it is also the currency used in Malaga. So our advice to travel to Malaga if you have not been able to change the currency before is that you do it in any bank or authorized exchange offices in the points of tourist interest where you can easily perform the transaction. If during your stay in Malaga you plan to visit Gibraltar, you should know that, as it’s a British Overseas Territory, the currency is the British Pound.

tips for traveling to Malaga

How to get around Malaga

Malaga is very well connected within the city but also with other cities and countries. Wth the Malaga Airport – Costa del Sol, the Port of Malaga, a wide network of railways, commuter trains, intercity bus line and the Malaga Metro. Therefore, if you are thinking of traveling to Malaga, you should not worry about moving easily on public transport. A great tip when traveling to Malaga, that we usually offer to our clients from the UK is to check out Parkhero. How does it work? It’s very easy! If you are looking for car parking Manchester Airport for example, you simply select the airport, choose the dates of your trip and the search engine will show you a comparison of all the available offers. You can filter between different services, such as outdoor or indoor parking, valet parking or park and ride. Once you have decided on the car park of your choice, you can confirm your booking in less than 5 minutes and enjoy your well-deserved holiday!

Tips for traveling to malaga with children

We know that traveling as a family with children always requires more planning since you are more people who travel and because the tastes among all are also more varied. For the subject of accommodation you should not worry, because in Valentina Home we have fantastic apartments for families in Malaga. of 2 or 3 bedrooms with enough space for all types of families. Of course, we recommend that if your idea is to travel as a family, book well in advance since especially in summer the apartments and larger rooms tend to be occupied very quickly.

We want to help you with more tips to travel to Malaga and enjoy the city with children and family. If you want to take the transport, the best trick to save on the train ticket is to buy the ticket for 10 trips and so you can use it the whole family. Quite cheaper than buying individual tickets. If we talk about leisure, our advice to travel to Malaga with children over 7 years, is to visit the road of the King. You will love it and the kids will be very surprised.

You know whether it is with children, friends, or even alone, looking for a place to plan your getaway, following one of our tips for traveling to Malaga, you will surely take more advantage of the trip and the unexpected will not play a trick on you.

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