Advantages to staying in an Apartment in Malaga

11 Mar

Advantages to staying in an Apartment in Malaga

You’ve finally come to an agreement with your partner or friends to come to Malaga for your next holiday, but when it looked like everything was solved a dilema appears. Where should we stay? When stopping in Malaga, there are a few options for sleeping accommodation, like hotels, apartments or hostels… each options have their ups and downs, hotels have been the overall winners in recent decades. But, are hotels really the best option? If you’re still undecided on whether you want to stay in a hotel or at an apartment, today we’re going to give you a few reasons on why you should pick to stay at an apartment when visiting Malaga. If you’re interested on why, below you have 5 solid reasons that could help you make up your mind.

Eat what you want

When you arrive in a new city, the first thing you want is to go out and discover it. Its streets, the people, the bars and restaurants. But when you’re in a hotel, in most cases you feel obliged to eat in the hotel restaurant or buffet as it’s sometimes included in the price. An apartment in the historical center of Malaga gives you the freedom to eat wherever you want without anything controlling you, do you want to go to a restaurant your friend recommended? Do it! What about that cute bar on the corner? Go ahead! Today you woke up wanting to cook? Well you’re totally free to do it as you have your own kitchen!

ventajas de alojarte en un apartamento en Málaga

Do whatever you want with your time

There’s nothing worse than not having a flexible entry and exit time in hotel rooms. The good thing about apartments is that they generally offer more flexibility when picking up the keys and, once you’re in the apartment, you don’t have a time limit to get back or anything similar. For example, with Valentina Home we usually receive our guests with a very flexible timetable as you can enter your apartment at any time from 15:00 to 22:00. The same happens with meals. Having to stop doing what you’re doing to get back to your hotel before a certain time isn’t something that you want to be doing on your holidays. If you stay at an apartment you’re free to do whatever you want.


Many of us, when traveling, have reserved a hotel room with the essentials for us to sleep. But many people are becoming more and more demanding, they’re not happy with just a bed and a shower. Most apartments offer a better quality/price relation , paying for services that you can actually enjoy. This is more noticeable when you’re staying for various days and with a group of friends as the price is split between everyone.

Increased comfort

If you’re still not convinced look at it like this, Where do you feel more comfortable?  In a room where you have to follow certain times to make the most of it or a place that you can make your own with nothing to limit you? Get up whenever you feel like it, eat where you want, what you want and when you want. If you’re going to visit Malaga our apartments are perfectly located in the center of the city, which will allow you to make the most of the city and have amazing memories of Malaga.
Have a proper holiday.

¿Planning your next visit to Malaga? Discover the best apartments in the center of Malaga with everything you need to make your stay unforgettable ❤️

Advantages to booking an apartment with Valentina Homes

To add to everything we’ve already talked about, at Valentina Home we take care of every small detail so your stay is perfect. That’s why we offer the following services that make your stay a 10:

  • Transfers to the airport: If you come to Malaga by plane and want to get to the Valentina Home apartments in the center of Malaga without waiting on lines, buses, you can make the mosto fo ur transfers to and from the airport. You just have to let us know you want this service when you make your reservation and we’ll manage it for you.
  • Cribs: How many times have you had problems when traveling with your baby? If you’re on holiday and you need a crib you can count on us to provide it, just let us know when making your reservation.
  • Totally equipped kitchen: You won’t have to think about whether the food at your hotel is nice or not, with our 100% equipped kitchens you can create whatever you want in the kitchen.




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